What Are The Responsibilities Of An Eye Specialist

Like many other fields of medical, one field which specifically deals with the treatment of eyes is known as Ophthalmology. In the field of Ophthalmology there are many other sub fields and someone who is known to be an eye doctor is not specifically the Ophthalmologist. There are many other kinds of eye doctors which includes opticians and optometrists. Each one of these doctor can perform the medical treatment but not every eye doctor can perform the eye surgery but only the ophthalmologist can perform the surgery along with the other medical treatments. And these are highly paid doctors. According to the research of the American Associations the salary of the ophthalmologist is around 356,339 dollars. Just like in any city Melbourne eye specialists are also very famous and trained for their work. You can find a good Melbourne eye specialist anywhere in the city. 

Usually the eye specialist is the person who has a proficient knowledge about the internal and external functions of the eyes, and is experienced enough to diagnose and cure any disease related to the eyes. Most of the times the eye doctor performs the routine work which mostly includes the tests related to the vision of the eyes. Some routine problems of eyes such as redness, muscles weakness are also treated by this doctor but since the eye specialist which is an ophthalmologist is also a surgeon. Therefore, these doctors also perform many surgeries of the eyes. These surgeries could be done to resolve any problem such as the problem of the visions, or some sort of injuries. Sometimes some disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure could also have an effect on the eyes, therefore the patients of these disease must regularly visit an great eye specialist.

The examination of the eyes to test the proper functioning involves many things. An eye doctor will ask you to read some numbers or letters placed at a specific distant in order to check your vision’s ability. Not only this, he will also ask you to move your eyes in different positions so that he could make sure that all the muscles and tissues of your eyes are in their proper form. In order to check the response of your eyes elements such as pupil and others the eye doctor will perform certain activities such as flashing of lights in your eyes to observe the response of your pupils dilations.

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