Importance Of Dental Hygiene

Smile attracts people, and you feel confident when you can shine those white pearls but this is not the case with everyone. Some have stains, yellow teeth and cavities. much attention should be paid to oral hygiene like any other system of the body. Most of us seem to slack off when it comes to oral health.Investigating a drop of your saliva can reveal so much of the body’s entire health. Many of the diseases initially manifest in the mouth and a proper examination of the mouth may provide an insight to some conditions. For example, detection of white spots on the insides of the mouth called kolpik spots are signs of measles. Hairy leukoplakia which is the presence of white/gray hairy spot on the tongue may indicate infection by Epstein barr virus in HIV patients.Good oral hygiene is very important. Mouth contains millions of microorganisms and also mouth serves as a portal to the inside of the human body. Though there are many organisms within the mouth not all of us fall ill everyday this is because of good brushing and flossing habits and the nature of the body’s defense system. The saliva in itself contain an antimicrobial agent called lysozyme which call kill bacteria. The ones who visit the dentist Coolangatta have less prevalence of oral problems.

Some of the diseases that can be present due to bad oral maintenance is endocarditis, cardiovascular problem, pregnancy and birth complication (periodontitis has been associated with premature birth) and pneumonia, some of the organism may enter the lungs and cause pneumonia.Some of the habits you can employ to maintain a good oral hygiene are visiting dental Crowns Coolangatta, visiting the dentist every six months is recommended, a dentist monitor the health of your teeth and advises you on how to maintain it.Stop smoking, smoking has detrimental effect on the overall health and specifically on the mouth it can stain teeth, increases the risk of gum disease (due to buildup of plaque and tartar), it has been found that the ones who smoke have twice the risk of developing gum disease, this is due to nicotine, nicotine constricts blood vessels and reduces the blood flow which in turn impairs the process of healing.

Oral cancer, cigarette smoke contains many carcinogens and can lead to oral cancer, tooth decay, dry mouth is some of the adverse effects of smoking on the oral health. The other step when it comes to oral hygiene is brushing the teeth at least two times daily in the morning and before bedtime and flossing. Flossing makes sure you get that residue stuck between teeth. Proper care of dental hygiene can prevent many problems and maintain your dental health.

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