Hips And Knees Injuries Will Now Be Cured

In case your hip bone gets damaged by any injury or by a disease such as osteonecrosis, it can be treated by the following procedures or methods. Number one by decompressing the core, this method includes boring one big opening or a few little gaps in the hip bone through a surgery to ease the bone of the pressure it carries and also to make way for vessels to once again provide blood to the previously influenced regions.  

In case, the patient is successful in locating osteonecrosis in the hip when the disease in its initial days, undergoing this surgery where the core or the center is decompressed in most of the patients; have emerged as a successful way to ensure that the entire hip bone or even the femur bone is saved from breaking down completely. The surgery is carried out by with inserting another bone to encourage recovery of the unhealthy bone and also to bolster the ligament present at the joint of the hip. Grafting of the bone as it is referred to according to medical terminology, means that tissues of another bone that is properly working are taken and then planted to another part of your region body which is in dire need of it, for example in patients of avascular necrosis.  

Apart from this surgical procedure numerous other types of surgeries are being undertaken, once you have your consultation session with Dr. David, he will then as per the conditions of your bones will rightly tell you what needs to be done to get you back on your toes healthy and all fit!  

Your other options could be… 

The other treatment you can undergo if suggested by your orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne is, getting a rod inserted in the hip region to avoid the entire bone structure from falling down. Usually doctor depending upon the condition of patients bones would during an operation insert small rods made of tantalum i.e. a metal. 

Another surgical method known as Vascularized Fibula is similar to the core decompressing as far as grafting a bone is concerned, however, in this surgery along with the bone adjoining blood vessels are also shifted from usually the leg region to the hip. This is nowadays an increasingly practiced method, as its name suggest it involves transfer of a blood vessel which includes both artery and vein as well where a fragment of a bone from your leg. Once the bone is inserted in the femur, same is done with the vessels; they are adjoined with the nearby blood capillaries to resume the flow of blood to the bone. God forbid if osteonecrosis has caused the entire hip bone to fall, in such cases the go to treatment is to substitute the entire hip bone. This surgery by Dr. David has more than ninety-percent success rate among is patients.  


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